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Dentistry is advancing at such a rate that traditional metal braces no longer have to be the way to straighten teeth. Children and adults can benefit from the techniques described and each one will benefit from the confidence a straighter, more youthful smile gives. Your Nelson Road Orthodontist in Kent will help to create the confident smile that you deserve. Our patients travel from areas such as Gillingham and Kent.

Inman Aligner

This is the latest technique taking the UK by storm. Invented by an American, Don Inman, this technique is great at straightening crooked teeth at the front. Mild crowding or crowding that has occurred after original braces treatment can be resolved in a matter of 2-12 weeks. The method can be used to straighten both the top and bottom front teeth.

The Inman aligner is a removable appliance that applies gentle pressure to straighten teeth. Being removable - it can be taken out when eating and cleaning your teeth. It is a great method of straightening teeth before simple whitening, or even veneers. This makes the veneer treatment more conservative and less tooth structure has to be removed. The result: a healthier, longer lasting and more beautiful smile.


The ultimate in cosmetic braces solutions. This is a system whereby a series of clear aligners can be worn - resulting a straighter more confident smile. This method is very popular with those seeking a near invisible way of straightening their teeth. There is no need for wires or brackets and the clear aligners move your teeth by using gentle pressure week by week. A computer simulation shows your predicted final smile before we actually start treatment so you can be confident that you are on your way to the smile you have always wanted with the help of your Orthodontist in Kent.

Social Six

This is the term given to any form of brace treatment that deals with just the front six teeth. This can be top or bottom teeth and all the methods on this site can be used to create a straighter smile at the front of the mouth. All treatments provided under the social six umbrella are generally quicker than traditional methods.

Six-month smile

This is a new technique that allows straighter teeth to be achieved within a period of 6 months. This is safe and painless and after a consultation, we can see if you are appropriate for the six-month smile.

Lingual Braces

These are like conventional braces but fit on the inside of your teeth. They are hidden, being on the inside - and great at creating a healthy perfect smile. The Lingual system can be used to treat a crooked smile at the front or the whole smile very discreetly. This is a very skilled area of dentistry and requires your clinician to have the appropriate training. Dr Marco Carugatti is a very talented and highly skilled individual and you can see some of his work in our gallery. We treat patients who live nearby as well as those who travel from further afield. We have patients who live in Gillingham surrounding areas.

Damon Brace

This is the latest version of a conventional brace. It is fitted on the outside and is great at straightening really crooked smiles in quick time. They have a sleeker design than conventional braces and use low friction to create a quicker, more comfortable method of straightening teeth. This method creates a perfect healthy smile in quicker time than conventional braces.

Non-extraction Philosophy

Dr Mohsin Uddin follows a non-extraction philosophy. This means that wherever possible we will use techniques to avoid taking teeth out. Space can be created in few ways: taking teeth out, using growth or creating space in-between teeth. We always try to avoid extractions.

Functional Orthodontics

Dr Mohsin Uddin looks at your whole face and not just your teeth. By assessing the profile of your face we can create a beautiful smile that fits in harmony with your profile. This truly will create a smile that is just right for you!

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