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We here are Nelson Road Dental are specialists in orthodontics, understanding the importance of straight teeth in order to achieve the perfect smile. We have a range of teeth straightening treatments available to you in our clinic, all of which are listed below:

  • Inman Aligner
  • Invisalign
  • Social Six
  • Six-month smile
  • lingual Braces
  • Damon Brace

Our selection of orthodontic treatments are the perfect way to get a straighter smile in the most discrete manner possible, with many hardly noticeable and the majority working in a relatively short space of time. We don’t just look at your teeth, we look at your whole face so we can see what smile would best complement your profile. Our experienced practice has built up an outstanding reputation and offers an experienced and skilled orthodontist in Kent, Gillingham and the surrounding areas to you so get in touch today to book an appointment.

Teeth Whitening Services in Gillingham

A brighter smile can have a huge impact on your overall appearance. Teeth can stain or suffer from discolouration due to certain eating and drinking habits, smoking or poor oral hygiene so our teeth whitening in Kent and Gillingham, can help your teeth look more aesthetically pleasing if this has been the case. Whether you decide to choose BrightSmile TM, Wyten TM, laser or home teeth whitening, your smile will be one you want to show off.

Teeth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular treatment in which you can quickly gain confidence thanks to a sparkling smile! The process is relatively simple as well as being long lasting, which is ideal when combined with our affordable prices. Based in Kent, we offer teeth whitening services in Gillingham and other surrounding areas.

For more information on any of our other treatments or services, call us today on 01634 851 317.

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